Due to the very high demand of our New service we are extending this into Summer many thanks to all our NEW CLIENTS.

Have your car washed and polished, tyres blackened and alloys cleaned for only £20.

At your home or work or anywhere.

Why go and visit a car wash spend time and money on fuel and have the job rushed by non-professional valeters

Let us do the work you sit back and relax wherever you want your car washed and polished.

We will not rush your car because we have a queue at the car wash


100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back by Brian Anderson with over 35 years of car cleaning experience.

Inside valets can be arranged prices given upon inspection of your car.

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Welcome to my web site. My name is Brian Anderson and I am the owner of the Waterless Car Valeting Company - entering our Fourteenth year in business, still growing strongly and the only official waterless valeting company. Why waterless? For the technical bit about the unique products which I use, why not visit that part of my site, here. My mobile car valeting service ranges from a simple external valet-clean, polish and seal through to complete internal and external renovation. I can give you a 100% guarantee on the quality of the products used and a professional approach to my mobile valeting service, whether you are a private individual or a company. I will be happy to provide my car valeting service either at your home or place of work.This will also entitle you to an introductory price from as little as £35.

Phone: 01506 854984    Mobile: 07774 245595 (Emergency 24 hours)

E-mail: Brian (here)

Our Unique Offer

. valeting .
Join my list of happy clients, including:

Bank of Scotland, Sport's Scotland, The Scottish Executive, Premier Commercial Ltd, Standard life, PPG Edinburgh, Kingsburgh Homes Ltd, Sun Micro Systems, St.James Place Partnership, Search Recruitment, Safe Hands letting, Livingston Mechanical, and many more over central Scotland. 

Read our testimonials?

Waterless Willie View the Waterless Willie trademark decision.

Highly recommended by Ronnie Cowan Specialist Cars



NO WATER ( N8 WAT ) Open to offers

GO WATERLESS ( G8 WAT ) Open to offers









. The main product used externally on vehicles is called Dri-Wash 'n Guard. It is a waterless car wash and protective glaze. It is easier to explain what it is not!

Dri-Wash 'n Guard is not a wax because it contains no waxes. Waxes do a great job of "protecting", but often leave the paint dull in the process.

Dri-Wash 'n Guard is not just a polish. It is capable of performing too many tasks to fit neatly into that category. Polishes are great at removing minor stains and blemishes and are much more effective at rejuvenating dull paint than waxes. However, they are somewhat abrasive and leave little behind in the way of protection.

Dri-Wash 'n Guard is not just a paint sealant. Paint sealants offer excellent protection but are totally incapable of cleaning or polishing. A car's finish must be totally pristine before they can be applied.

Dri-Wash 'n Guard combines the best features of waxes, polishes and sealants with all the advatages and none of the drawbacks.

Dri-Wash 'n Guard can bead water for a year or more even on your windscreen.

Applied to the paint of a new car, then re-applied twice a year, the paint will never show signs of fading. If applied to older, extremely oxidised paint, the need for a re-application is more frequent, every 2-4 months.

Dri-Wash 'n Guard is only one of a range of products developed for specific purposes, all of which are equally effective on anything from boats to helicopters.

History of the Dry-Wash'n Guard products

Dry-Wash'n Guard products were introduced into the UK in 1993 by Ken Andrews of Go Waterless Ltd. which has exclusive rights to import the products. The products are manufactured in the USA by DWG International. The products have been sold throughout the UK since 1993, including Scotland (Oban and North of Scotland in 1994). I have been using these products since 1998.

As an authorised distributor as well as a user of these products, I have the right to use any marketing material (including illustrations) that have been developed by DWG International, in conjunction with the brand. This includes the "Waterless Wave" logo which is copyright of DWG International.


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Branches also in:

 Livingston              Dunfermline           Glenrothes

Head Office: The Waterless Valeting Company, 107 Houston Gardens, Uphall, West Lothian, EH52 5SH

Phone: 01506 854984      Mobile: 07774 245595      E-mail:










Just to say a huge thank you for my beautiful clean Golf!!

You've done an amazing job - and will definitely be using you again.

Many thanks


Susan Booth
susan @

Dear Brian

Just a note to say thanks for making such a great job on the car yesterday. The boss was delighted and almost didn't recognise it.

Needless to say, it has become strictly off limits to my dog!!!

Thanks again. I will definitely recommend you to all the Managers in the Scottish Division and hope we can use you again the future.

Kindest Regards,

Michelle Brownlie
PA to Regional Managers - Scotland
Swallow Hotels & Inns

I’ve know Brian for some years and he always comes across as totally professional. He is very personable and positive and with his drive and enthusiasm I’m sure he will succeed in any business venture."

Tom King MLIA (Dip) Partner ST. JAMES’S PLACE Partnership, Asset & Wealth Management.

"Mr Anderson, many thanks indeed for helping us out yesterday at such short notice. We were badly let down by another valeting service. Guess which one will be highly recommended throughout the Scottish Office/Scottish Enterprise Network."

Kind Regards, Fiona Mullen, Edinburgh.

Hi Brian, My wife and I would like to thank you for the excellent valet job on our cars. A very professional service which we would recommend to anyone.

Many Thanks, Steven Pickavance, Edinburgh

Brian, I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did with my car yesterday.  Various people commented on how well it looked and I passed on your name.

Ian Cook, Vehicle Options

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